Monday, July 18, 2011

DV7 Blank Screen Fix

I recently posted a video describing some symptoms my DV7 was experiencing. I was getting the single blink "CPU not functional" error, and my screen was totally blank. Below is a list of symptoms HP Pavilion dv7 users may experience if their system will not completely power on. (from HP's website)

Caps Lock/Num Lock LEDComponent TestedError Condition
LEDs blink 1 timeCPUCPU not functional
LEDs blink 2 timesBIOSBIOS corruption failure
LEDs blink 3 timesMemoryModule error not functional
LEDs blink 4 timesGraphicsGraphics controller not functional
LEDs blink 5 timesSystem boardGeneral system board failure
LEDs blink 6 timesBIOSBIOS authentication failure
Here is the original YouTube video where I describe the problem on my HP Pavilion 1130us.

Since I've gotten tired of disassembling my laptop on a weekly basis, I opted to get a new processor. While I was at it, I also decided to upgrade to a faster model. The HP dv7-1000 series uses AMD processors. Unfortunately, if your dv7 has an AMD processor, there isn't a large pool of new processors to upgrade to. I searched HP's website and found a PDF that lists the models that are compatible with an AMD-based dv7.

Default Processor on 1130us
  • Turion RM-70 2.0ghz 1MB L2 Cache
Upgrade Options
  • Turion Ultra ZM-86 2.4ghz w/ 2MB L2 Cache (~$90 on eBay)
  • Turion Ultra ZM-82 2.2ghz w/ 2MB L2 Cache (~$30 on eBay)
  • Turion Ultra ZM-80 2.1ghz w/ 2MB L2 Cache (~$20 on eBay) (Bought mine for $21.24)
  • Athlon QL-60 1.9ghz w/ 1MB L2 Cache (~$12 on eBay)
If you have an Intel-based dv7 (2000+) comment on this post. Then I can edit this post later with the options, but frankly, I don't think there will be many eyes viewing this website anyway so its not really necessary right now. 


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  2. Brought my DV7-1135nr back to life with a piece of useless copper coin (useless out here in Jamaica anywayz) and it has been running with no issues at all for over a week now. Replaced Vista with Win 7 x64 and running a few games along with 1020p videos and everything is smooth and stable.
    Just need a replacement Battery since it has died for over a year of no use and the AC Adapter as well since it has a short in it.

    Thanks allot for this amazingly helpful trick, it's much appreciated.

    1. I'm glad to hear it worked for you! Thanks for watching!

    2. I am having this single blinking problem too I'll try to change the CPU and I hope everything will be ok :/ I'll make a update. THX for the info.

  3. I recently started having the one-blink-per-second problem. My laptop is a dv7-4065dx, and currently has an AMD Phenom II N830 triple-core CPU. Anyone know if I'd be correct in saying that I should be able to replace it with any AMD S1g4 processor? The ones in the same range as mine don't seem to be too easy to find (although I did locate a N850 for around $50). I certainly wouldn't want to downgrade but if I can find a decent price I may consider upgrading to a quad-core S1g4 CPU if I could know it would work.

  4. Hello i have this black screen problem too blink one time

    What should i do ??

  5. I thought I'd ask even tho mine is a dv1000, mine seems to not hold a charge and that makes it unable too boot into windows, I bought a new charger adapter and a new battery , but when I push power button I get the 1 second light on the left side above where the cd/dvd drive is located and I get a faint few lights on the top above the keyboards of course it's just a blink , it won't charge actually that's all it does , one more thing when plugged in and powered on after pushing power button I get those quick 1 second lights but I also get the charging led light (lightning bolt) , it stays on for about 4 seconds then it continuously blinks on and off , anyone have some same kind of problems or knows what this could be please reply back it be appreciated